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Those who are considering taking the “sweet science” of boxing for health, fitness, self defense, or competition good, old-fashioned are making a good choice. Boxing has a lot to offer on many levels. Best of all, is a fairly easy sport to get involved with and not much equipment needed for training. Better yet, many of the equipment can be purchased at low prices. For those curious about what equipment to buy, here’s a summary:

Boxing Gloves: You need a good pair of leather boxing gloves produced by a legitimate supplier of professional and amateur gloves. Do not buy low quality £ 15 gloves. You can buy £ 40 – £ 60 gloves are designed for serious training. Also, if you have more than 170 pounds will need to 160Z gloves. If you are under 170 pounds, you may want gloves 14 oz 16 oz, but is pretty cool too.

Bag Gloves: These gloves are very lightweight, designed to hit the sack. Some coaches frown on them, but they are worth buying.

Hand wraps: the hand is adjusted to keep the knuckles and wrists when hitting protected. The lesions were reduced with hands wrapped so that it fits so highly recommended.

Heavy bags:  heavy bags are a necessity when looking to build the explosive power of impact, and to develop resistance. heavy bags vary in weight and most gyms to use a bag of 70 pounds to 100 pounds. There are lighter in the range of 40-pound bags and these bags are commonly used to work the jab.

Speed ​​Bag: The venerable speed bag has lost some popularity in recent years but remains an excellent tool for developing hand / eye coordination and make sure your hands do not drop too low. It is also a decent piece of equipment for building arm muscles and improving endurance of these muscles.

A jump rope: If you are not working with a jump rope, it will be difficult to be a decent fighter. Not just a jump rope will help burn fat and increase endurance, jump rope allows you to be light on his feet. Being light on your feet is a must if you want to spar effectively. Boxing is all footwork and jump rope may help develop footwork.

The security team is also a duty. If you do not have proper safety equipment in place when you fight, you run the risk of injury. These are the three most important pieces of equipment you need when you are “throwing a couple of rounds.”

Groin Protector: Low blows happen by accident and a groin protector quality reverse any damage that may occur as a result of errant impact.

Mouth piece: not just a mouthpiece to protect your teeth, protects the entire jaw. As such using a mouth piece when training is a must.

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