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Cricket is a game that is played all over the world for many years. It originated in England and still popularly known as the gentlemen’s game.

This game is played between two teams of eleven players each. A few years ago, using Cricket World Cup match five days that included 80 more than a day and then the new 50-game concept was introduced to the world of cricket which later became the format popular cricket. Cricket is the game that is played worldwide by 12 countries that play for the world is 50 per game and each has more than 6 balls remaining.

Until 2003, when the cricket board came up with a much more recent concept of cricket is called 20-20 which is a much faster format of the game. The World Cup is still 50 in the game, but have a more world cup named as 20 to 20 World Cup is not as popular as the 50-50, but has attracted much attention from people around the world.

Cricket is the national sport in England, but is more popular in India. Cricket is so popular in India that India has started a game format is called as IPL 20-20. In which there are 10 teams from now on in different cities of India, owned by businessmen and personalities of India. The beauty of the IPL 20-20 is, even after India became known as the Premier League all players around the world are part of the game as the teams are not only about the Indian players all teams have players different countries play for his new team.

This format of play has given a greater opportunity for young cricketers in India, which gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent and has been successful so far. India has managed to find incredibly talented players would not have been possible without this form of the game.

According to the latest survey has found that the few countries that are not yet part of international cricket are taking interest in this game.

In recent years there have been at least 4 new teams from four different countries who took part in this game, but have not yet been successful in his career, but time will tell.

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