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Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, it’s just a close second to football. From makeshift basketball courts on the streets of Puerto Rico or Lithuania to the monolithic Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, this ball game full of action has captured the hearts of diehard fans around the world and fascination of the human psyche for over a century. Either as a regular guy who shoots hoops in the neighborhood square, a viewer hungry for the Lakers, Bulls and Celtics, NBA or professional athlete tore through a lucrative project however, the competition, all Everybody wants a piece of the action when it comes to basketball. But what is the origin of basketball?

Traces the origin of basketball back to Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The whole world can thank Dr. James Naismith to achieve what others before him could not do a rigorous design fun, but challenging game that initially led the young men who otherwise would have bided his time during the winter months of 1891 locked in the house. Knowing very well the toll winter brings outdoor activities for youth in the International Young Christian Association Training School, Physical Education Professor witty coming from Canada buckled down and began to define the set of first the rules of their first game called “Basket Ball. He cleverly made use of football and threw a peach basket on top of a 3.05m (10 feet) elevation of the runway, the archetype in supporting today iconic basketball and ring. With the bottom of the basket with the time gap, the official game of basketball for the first time in history began in January 20, 1892 on a wall-in the gym than it is now known as the YMCA.

Since the beginning of basketball season and out of indoor recreational exercise designed to keep the agile young men during the harsh winters, the conclusion today of the ball game of the same name through the World Championships, FIBA on a global scale, basketball has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a picturesque New England town. The next time you play basketball, think of where it comes from, what their backgrounds are and what history has done, you can even enjoy the sport more. Do not forget to warm up and stretch before playing too! Basketball is a fun, cool, ideal for children and adults alike. Teenagers in high school always like to play basketball, combining strenuous physical activity with fun like no other sport or activity you do. For children who are inactive, basketball can be implemented.

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