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The history of gambling is as old as the human civilization. The current forms of all casino games were at a primitive state during the olden days. It acquired the current magnetism through various additions and subtractions of rules and regulation through time. Gambling games were the tool to neutralize the issues between powerful rulers in the past and the first casinos were meant for the creamy layer of the society until the 17th century. Today, it became the favorite means of entertainment for a wide population. Casinos transformed into a one-stop destination for multiple amenities. Most of the countries identified the value of casino games in the entertainment sector and its influence over the economy. It will be interesting to know that several countries and territories in the world depend on casinos.

The popularity of gambling doubled by the evolution of online casino games. However, people who are in search for real entertainment, still visit the land-based casinos. This article highlights the main distinctions of land based casinos and online casinos.

Land based casino

Landline casinos are filled with various amenities and entertainments that deliver addicting thrills and suspense along with amazing prizes.  Most of the land based casinos are equipped with diverse gaming facilities like table games, ball games and card games. The main features of landline casinos are,

  • Entertainments
  • Restaurants
  • Party rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • ATM’s


Entertainments include various casino games like Keno, slot machines and varieties of card games. In most of the casinos, numerous facilities are enabled to protect privacy for VIP’s. Though Land based casinos are costly,  most of the gambling fans loves to visit land based casinos to savor the magnetism of casino games.


Restaurants and premium boarding facilities are the second most favorite place in a casino. Some casinos also provide tour facilities for their customers.

Party rooms

In most of the casinos, you can find amazing party rooms, which will refresh you from a highly tensed (or thrilling) gaming section in the casino game halls.

Swimming pools

Surveys show that swimming pools are an inevitable part of refreshing facility. Studies state that water at an optimal temperature is beneficial to relieve stress and to relieve anxiety. In most of the leading land based casinos, you can see swimming pool with various water games to amuse you.


Does ATM’s influence the gaming experience of the players?

Yes, studies reveal that a casino that is equipped with an ATM can motivate players to involve in more games than other casinos. However, today most of the casinos accept various credits and debit cards.

Online casinos

Online casinos are spreading the waves of gambling in every corner of the world. The first online game was published in 1990 and from there; online gambling never saw a minus growth. The online gambling sector is estimated to worth $10 billion by 2020.  The exponential growth rate of online casino gaming industry attracted major online game manufacturers that in fact triple folded the online gaming experience.

The main features of online casinos include,

  • Any time any where gaming facility
  • Online casinos provide numerous games under one roof
  • Online gambling websites provide various security features like privacy protection, secure data handling and secure transactions
  • Less entry fees and less gaming fees attract middle class to this premium entertainment
  • No need to travel or spend money to stay in costly boarding
  • 24 hours customer services.
  • Easy and secured money transactions

The main feature of an online casino is its economic gaming and prize structure. However, the chances for winning a game online is comparatively less when compared to land based casinos.