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Slot Machines – The Automatic Devices for Play

Slot machines welcomed a new generation of casino players where no physical person initiates play. The problem with automated machines such as the slot machine is that there has to be a player physically present for it to go on.

In casinos of today there are certainly many kinds of gaming devices in being used like slot machines, video poker, video blackjack, video keno and the like that needs players to be physically present to play. Players need to be present to insert money into the machine for play to happen and collect payouts in cases of a win. The physical presence of a player has been not only the requirement to play the automated games but they also require attention by the casino staff. If a machine is not in use then the casino consider it as a downtime because of the large time it goes unused.

A constant presence of players at the machine usually cannot be longer than a few hours at most. Players have to go to the bathroom, take lunch go to work or do something else. But for those desiring to continue and will be back soon, they usually place a reserve sign or change cup on the handle. There are players who are inclined to use certain machines because the chance of winning is high and so set up the reserved sign to play later.

But this locking up is not effective. Other players do not respect the sign or that the player did not return for several hours thus a machine is actually not in use and part of that down time. Often other players will ignore the signs and play anyway possibly causing conflicts. If machines are not in use then the only result is a loss of revenue from that machine for the casino.

The answer to such a dilemma is to create a machine that continues gambling play even when the player is gone. And that was the reason Jay Walker, James Jorash and Thomas Sparico invented the Keno machine on January 11 of the year 2000. Keno machine is said to mimic automated play by matching numbers selected by players versus numbers selected by the Keno system. With the player’s selected number she or he also chooses the number of games to be played. And so when the player is gone the machine continues the number of games requested by the player.

Another advantage of this system is that while these other games are going on other players can play on the system. The results are wired to a screen and so winning players become aware and can redeem their prize.