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At Northbet’s Twitter page, you will be presented with links to high-quality information which will enable you to make all sorts of betting-related decisions. One form of betting analysis concerns the best pitching rotations in baseball. Being able to lift one rotation above another in a set of rankings is a good skill to have, and it’s a good exercise in which to engage.


1 – Oakland Athletics

The fact that the Oakland Athletics are here, as the team with the best rotation in baseball, is surprising. Yet, that same fact is incontestable. There is simply no dispute that the A’s have rounded up the best-performing pitchers in the big leagues through roughly two months. The A’s have the best ERA in baseball, better than any of the teams in the National League that don’t have to face the American League’s designated hitter on a regular basis. Oakland’s ERA is at 2.84, while Atlanta is second at 2.89. Seattle is the next American League team in the ERA rankings. The Mariners aren’t fourth or sixth. They’re ninth, with a 3.53 ERA. That’s how much Oakland has separated itself from the rest of the American League. The numbers really don’t lie in this case. Oakland is the best, and then there’s all the rest in the Junior Circuit.

2 – Seattle Mariners

The Mariners’ offense has long been a point of concern for the franchise, but the pitching has generally been solid. As mentioned above, the Mariners have a top-10 ERA in the American League, and what’s really impressive about that fact is that the Mariners have done well without a lot of innings from Hisashi Iwakuma, who has only five starts to his credit this season after being on the shelf during the month of April. Iwakuma emerged as a strong number two starter for the team last season, so his absence in April had a negative effect on the team. Yet, other pitchers on staff such as Chris Young and Roenis Elias have been great. The Mariners have more pitching depth than a lot of baseball experts realized, and that’s a big reason why this team is at the .500 mark and hanging in the American League West, not too far behind the Oakland A’s and the Los Angeles Angels.

3 – Los Angeles Angels

The Halos are doing better this season than last season. That’s partly because Albert Pujols is hitting the baseball better, but it’s also because the pitching staff is strong, enough to overcome a limited and weak bullpen. The Angels can boast of Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson, and Garrett Richards as three pitchers who do not have an ERA higher than three runs. That’s a very impressive feat for any pitching staff this deep into a season. If the Angels can maintain that distinction, they’ll stay in the divisional and wild card chases.

4 – Detroit Tigers

The Tigers are behind the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees in terms of raw ERA numbers, but this is still a rotation with Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Anibal Sanchez, and Rick Porcello. The Tigers have been absolutely crushed the past week, but over the season, they still rate as a top-four rotation.

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