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Moda – Twenty First Century Excellence

Moda Bikes make distinctive bikes individually assembled by expert bike mechanics in the UK. Only the best equipment in the world is used to complete these premium bicycles. In the series of seven Moda bikes, the first is a road bicycle. Made for sport performance, from the double butted aluminium frame, to the Barelli brakes, this modern American Classic Victory bike is equipped for whizzing down the road. Road bicycles are made for acceleration on a smooth surface, thus the tires are narrow, with high pressure. The lightweight construction of these Moda Bikes generates an effortless pace.

Unlike the other bikes fabricated for road riding, the track bicycle is ideal for racing, outdoors or indoors. The tires are narrow and inflated to maximum pressure to boost the rate of motion but you can always customise them with a pair of American Classic Wheels. The fixed gear has a single gear accompanied by a very rigid frame for optimal aerodynamics. The higher bottom bracket prevents touching a steeply banked track while the deeper seat tube offers better position for efficient conveyance. Three models of the track bike are available.

The Cyclo X can only be described as an all around, anytime bike. Cyclo X is a fast accelerating bike made for rough ground and simplified for tight turns. This lightweight but durable cyclocross bike is expertly designed for the elements, any weather or terrain. Two models of the Cyclo X are available from Moda Bikes.

The Chord fitness bike from Moda is a hybrid bicycle exhibiting speed and ease suitable for a long commute or a purposeful fitness ride. The American Classic Sprint wheels and sturdy aluminium frame also provide comfort when savouring a prolonged riding experience.For those interested in a trekking bike organized for commutes and touring, Moda Bikes builds the ideal trekking bike, with a choice of two models. Accessorized with mud guards, and lights, it is basically a hybrid with comfortable upright seating for long journeys. They are only matched by their rivals Colnago Bikes in terms of comfort.

Mountain bikes vary in specialization. Perhaps you need a Moda MTB mountain bike for a man, and one for a child. Moda Bikes produces five streamlined, unique bikes with all the accessories and durable elegance one expects from Moda.

A Junior Bicycle from Moda Bikes is the perfect starter transportation. This 24 inch road ready bike is a great introduction to the world of cycling enjoyment. Moda Bikes presents recreational pedal driven transportation for everyone, from the commuter to the racing enthusiast. Each bicycle is expertly designed and assembled efficiently with the comfort and purpose of the customer in mind.