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Keno Rules for Online Casino Games

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Keno rules for online casino

Keno is a very fun online casino game to try for gamblers of all kind. Keno is sort of a hybrid Bingo and Lotto that has been around for quite some time. It’s a very fun and simple game that’s why it has been around for quite some time.

Keno is a fun and easy online casino game; however there are 6 different variations of keno. All of which are worth taking a look at because it helps the player decide what ticket he or she would want to get.

#1. Straight Tickets:

Straight tickets are the basic keno ticket that is the most common used by casinos and keno games. You will mark our numbers and wit for them to be drawn out like bingo. However, you would first need to decide how many spots you are going to play. Casinos usually allow up to 15 spots, and let you choose either 20, 32 or 40 numbers.

The best amount of number to play at straight keno is around 4 to 8 numbers. Using only less than 4 numbers will only give you a payout chance of 30%. With 8 numbers your odds become 230,115 to 1. With 9 numbers, it become 1.38 million is to 1. With 15 spots it becomes 428 billion is to 1.

The next thing to decide is how much to bet. The usual ticket prices range from 70 cents to a dollar. There will be an option to play a multiple base rate. Multiple base rates mean that you could bet $5 for a $1 ticket and if you win, the winnings will be multiplied by 5.

#2. Way Tickets:

This is a tricky keno game and there are only 2 reasons to play the online casino game. The first reason being is that it is convenient to mark multiple online casino games on a single ticket. The second reason is the fractional rates (pay 10 cents instead of the whole dollar). The payouts will be the same as playing online casino games with multiple tickets.

#3. Split Tickets:

It is two or more tickets played on a single physical ticket. Each ticket will be made up of a group numbers that are circled or separated by a line. Each online casino game will be unique from other games because it can not share numbers with other games. To keep it simple, this game only allows you to use a single ticket for two games. The disadvantage though is that you may not use the same number on both online casino games on the single ticket.

#4. King Tickets:

This kind of ticket card has already one number circled. The circled number is known as the King and used with in combination with the other numbers on the ticket.

#5. Combination Tickets:

Allows players to combine groups of straight bets on a single ticket in different ways. The player will then wager one unit for each possible combination. The player can also combine straight and way bets on a single ticket. On the right hand side of the ticket, group bets should be clearly marked.

#6. Special Tickets:

Keno is sometimes promoted by Casinos by offering a special kind of keno ticket. It is played in a special manner and the payoff schedule is also different. The payout chart is usually marked on the special ticket already. Since it is used to entice players, special tickets have better deals.