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Fitness Equipment for Upper Body Strength

Exercise or fitness equipment is an integral part of any physical conditioning and strength training regime for many professional and amateur athletes. These exercising devices or machines are designed to help engage certain body areas or specific muscles during the training sessions. There are some exercising tools that are versatile and can be used for performing a wide range of exercises, and there are some that can be used only for training certain sections of the body, such as the upper body. You can find a selection of fitness machines designed specifically for upper body strength at www.spiritfitnessuk.co.uk, other options are discussed below.


Though primarily used for upper body training, these tools can also be used during several lower body exercises or moves. Dumbbells are very primary fitness tools and they are the first tools that come to mind when one thinks of fitness equipment. They are very solid in structure and have weighted ends for balancing both the sides. Some of the upper body exercises that can be done with dumbbells are wrist curls, bicep curls, chest press, tricep extensions, and shoulder presses among many others. Dumbbells are designed for one-hand grips. Using two dumbbells simultaneously, with each dumbbell on either hand, can help achieve a very balanced workout for the upper body.


A free weight, a barbell consists of a couple of drum-shaped ends and a long bar, which gets loaded with the help of weighted plates. These barbells are designed for dual or two-hand grips and these can help strengthen powerful and large muscles. Some of the upper body exercises done with barbells are bicep curls, bench press, military press, and shoulder shrugs. It is recommended that a spotter is around when a barbell exercise comprising of weight-lifting exercises such as squats, bench press, or military press is administered.

Stretchy Bands

Resistance bands, also known as stretchy bands, provide muscle toning and resistance that is achieved through the tension created during band pulling. These bands are very versatile in their usage and can offer resistance at various different levels and degrees. It is unlike weights that rely primarily on gravity. Some of the upper body exercises done with resistance bands are triceps extensions, bicep curls, rotator cuff exercises, and shoulder exercises.

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