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The U.S. Open is the second of the four major golf championship every year, both the PGA and European Tour, presented by the United States Golf Association each year in mid-June, which places his final round to be held the third Sunday of the month (Father’s Day), provided no weather delays. The broadcasts of the tournament each year on NBC and ESPN, and ESPN’s marquee group also provides coverage through the website of the U.S. Open.

The first U.S. Open took place in 1895, one day a tournament through 36 holes in a nine-hole course in Newport Rhode Island Club Newport Country. This year, tournament participants consisted of ten professional golfers and one amateur. Age 21, Horace Rawlins of England became the first winner in the history of the U.S. Open. British golfers have won all the tournaments until 1911 until an American golfer named John J. McDemott broke the streak, starting a new trend, with golfers from the United States dominates the awards each year as champions. Only six countries outside the United States have been U.S. Open winners since 1950, led by South Africa, with five wins since 1965. Winners in other countries since 1950 have included players from New Zealand, Australia, Northern Ireland, England and Argentina.

There are several ways through which can be a golfer considered eligible to compete for the U.S. Open Golf Trophy each year. There are no restrictions on age or gender in the U.S. open eligibility. To be eligible to participate in the U.S. Openas one of 156 players, the players should be professional sport or amateur with a current USGA Handicap Index of 1.4 or lower, or succeed in the competition to qualify for the tournament. participating players will also be considered completely exempt from qualifying based on seventeen possible categories of exemption from duties that could fall into, including:

• winning a U.S. Open in the last ten years • be positioned as one of the fifteen best golfers in the U.S. Open last year • have won one of the one of the largest golf three others (Masters Tournament, Open Championship and PGA Championship) in the last five years • be ranked in the top thirty on the money list last year PGA Tour • be ranked in the top fifteen in the money list on the European Tour last year, or

• be classified in the fifties in the Official World Golf Rankings at least two weeks before the tournament

Players who were completely free up about half the players in the tournament every year. The other half participate in the rating process, the first stage of what is called Local qualifying, 18 holes played over 100 U.S. golf courses. no total exemption players have been allowed to skip the local qualifying stage and join the competition in the second stage, Sectional classification, among the players who successfully progressed from local qualifiers. During the Sectional Qualifying stage, competitors play 36 holes a day in various courses in the United States after a course in Europe and a course in Japan for the opportunity to win the prestigious sports award.

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